A digital native IT professional with over 15 years experience in diverse sectors such as enterprise business software, satellite broadband & telecommunications, financial research & services, and online media & entertainment.

Work experience ranging from small startups and digital labs to Fortune 500 blue-chip companies in multicultural, multilingual and multi time-zone environments.

Experienced relocator and part-time remote worker.

Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Docker certified Software Architect and Digital Transformation expert with a proven track record of space industry hardened Software Engineering, DevOps, team leading and project management skills.

Currently working on and managing a full range of software development and new media projects at an international level.

Driven by curiosity and having stamina under pressure I ensure order, structure and discipline in the context of software in business environments. These are the core values and principles underpinning my work.

I am your safe pair of hands to take your business to the next level.